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Internet support groups can provide unquestioning support for people who claim dubious ailments such as “chronic Lyme disease”

EMPOWERMENT VS DECEIT: THE DARKER SIDE OF DIGITAL HEALTH COMMUNITIES Chronic illness support communities crop up all over social media and provide a way for people all over the world to connect and support each other in managing their conditions. However, the internet being as it is, these communities are uniquely vulnerable to malicious infiltrationContinue Reading

A riveting true story of false cancer that describes the emotions experienced by those who are misled

Dvora Meyers | January 2020 The Disease of Deceit Friends don’t let friends lie about having cancer. In June, I woke to an alert from Facebook, a notification of memory from five years ago. It was a photo of a woman in a park, leaning over, kissing the top of my dog’s head. The woman’sContinue Reading

A mixture of Munchausen syndrome and malingering: factitious AIDS

This case is mostly culled from newspaper accounts and is not truly a “personal” narrative. In 2008, Cassey Jo Weierbach was found guilty of welfare fraud, forgery, and records tampering. Pennsylvania state prosecutors accused Cassey of pretending to have AIDS in order to collect disability benefits. She had manipulated her medical records and test resultsContinue Reading

Combined bipolar disorder, Factitious disorder, and medical child abuse leading to commitment

My wife Melinda had been acting strange for a number of weeks. She had an increased libido, inability to sleep, constant need to clean, and was seeing and hearing things that were not there. On a Monday we visited her psychologist. She had determined that she wanted her family support group to hear what herContinue Reading

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