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A wife describes some lasting effects of Munchausen by proxy on her husband

My husband and I need to think carefully about how to manage my mother-in-law’s behavior. Fortunately, as we now live in our own house, we have removed ourselves from any potential danger. But I have noticed that if my husband and I argue (which is not very often), he will suddenly develop a severe headache or stomach ache and complain of feeling sick. It seems to me he may have learned this response as a way in which to protect himself from his mother’s violence (and consequently from the potential threat that I may become violent if we argue). Sometimes I almost feel angry if my husband becomes “ill.” Not so much angry at him, but angry at his mother: anger and resentment, not only because of things she has done, but also, in some small way, because she still has control over him. Also, more often than not I will assume the role of caregiver and “look after” him as his own mother would have done. Perhaps it has become his subconscious desire to reassume this role in our own relationship.

Munchausen by Proxy by Internet

I moderate an online support forum for people with epilepsy and their caregivers. Last year, one of these members managed to throw our entire community into disarray. Her username was Jasmine. She introduced herself as the mother of a son who had intractable epilepsy. We also were told that she was pregnant with twins, whoContinue Reading

The Toll of Munchausen by Proxy Abuse—a personal reflection by the “other” parent

Our suspicions about Munchausen by proxy/medical child abuse began when my young son, Sam, came for his first Christmas visit since he had moved to Anchorage with his mother, Amy. Amy and I were divorced. Sam was six years old. Amy had warned us that Sam was suffering from a range of illnesses, including kidneyContinue Reading

A mixture of Munchausen syndrome and malingering: factitious AIDS

This case is mostly culled from newspaper accounts and is not truly a “personal” narrative. In 2008, Cassey Jo Weierbach was found guilty of welfare fraud, forgery, and records tampering. Pennsylvania state prosecutors accused Cassey of pretending to have AIDS in order to collect disability benefits. She had manipulated her medical records and test resultsContinue Reading

Combined biploar disorder, Factitious disorder, and medical child abuse leading to commitment

My wife Melinda had been acting strange for a number of weeks. She had an increased libido, inability to sleep, constant need to clean, and was seeing and hearing things that were not there. On a Monday we visited her psychologist. She had determined that she wanted her family support group to hear what herContinue Reading