My experience being a victim of Munchausen by proxy

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I would like to share the story of my adoptive mom’s Munchausen by proxy syndrome. My mom is someone with a frightening temper and is intolerant, cruel, selfish, and makes up stories about herself and me for attention. Her Munchausen by proxy syndrome ruined my life and ever since I was a young girl, she falsely claimed I had several illnesses when I was normal the whole time; because of her my life was a lie. She falsely claimed that I had strange childhood behaviors like not talking until I was four, and that I had anxiety issues and emotional/bipolar issues, and she also attempted to brainwash me into believing that I had sugar and gluten allergies / intolerances. When I was a young girl, she forced me into believing that I cheated on an eye exam, that I had amblyopic eye, and forced me to wear an embarrassing eye patch in public for no reason, and she forced me to see specialists for the amblyopic eye I never had. 

She also tried to force me to believe that I am strange and that I have Asperger’s and that there is something wrong with me and that I need to fix myself and take psychiatric drugs. Speaking of psychiatric drugs, when I was fifteen, she ruined my life by forcing me on psychiatric drugs because she overreacted to my hand washing habits thinking it was OCD; the drugs made the hand washing worse and made issues worse. From ages 15-18, I was forced by her to see cruel psychiatrists and therapists and I was forced into different hospitals and an abusive teen program. I managed to get off the drugs at age 25 because it took a while to find the right doctor to help reduce it; because of her, it took me a while to graduate from college and finally get a job and earn money and get away from her. She also has extremist misogynistic religious beliefs and has frequently accused me of being possessed by the devil and having evil spirits in me; and she also tried to force me to take vitamins and if I didn’t take the vitamins, she would lose her temper and threaten to call the police and hire medical staff to do an intervention for me. 

Earlier this year in 2023, I did some research, and I came across the term Munchausen by proxy, and when I found out about it, my life made more sense. I realize that my adoptive mom has this disorder and that this disorder ruined my life and that it turns out my life was a lie, and I didn’t have any of those issues she falsely claimed I had. She turned my adoptive dad and several others including medical professional against me, and she has also doctor shopped / hospital hopped. I believe my dad thinks I am normal, but he was powerless against her disorder like so many parents married to someone with this devastating disorder; because of her Munchausen I missed out on a normal social life and living a happy normal life.


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