Dr. Marc Feldman’s Latest Book, DYING TO BE ILL

For much more in-depth information than I can offer here, click on the cover of my latest book.

I am pleased to present my newest book, DYING TO BE ILL: TRUE STORIES OF MEDICAL DECEPTION. It is truly an unprecedent book drawn from my 25+ years of studying such daunting diagnoses as factitious disorder, Munchausen by proxy (medical child abuse), and malingering. A number of child abuse experts contributed personal narratives of their thoughts and experiences dealing with these phenomena. These accounts supplement dozens from patients, family members, friends, law enforcement, educators, nurses, therapists, MBP survivors, and still others. This range reflects the fact that these problems continually present to the public and to professionals, and so all should be not only aware, but knowledgeable. Throughout the book, commentary presents the state-of-the-art information about these elusive problems. The book is available at many bookstores and from the online booksellers.

You can also contact Dr. Feldman through his Featured Author page at Marc Feldman, author of Dying to be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception on www.routledge.com