A Munchausen by proxy survivor still victimized by her mother’s lies

In all civilized societies, it’s a given that mothers protect their children. Protecting children is such normal everyday expected behavior that when a mother not only fails to protect, but actually tries to harm her child, it’s something to consider and question. Why would a mother want to hurt her own child–in this case my mother? Why does she want to hurt me?
This unnatural behavior goes all the way back to my childhood, year after year, when she literally tortured me, by dragging me to clinics and doctors. She tried her best to have me labeled abnormal. She never had any medical or clinical support to back up her self-serving diagnoses, but she nevertheless insisted I was physically and mentally challenged and constantly told me that there was “something wrong” with me.
She was on a constant journey looking for a cure for me and every few months she would travel to a clinic in Pennsylvania, where she told the doctors I was learning disabled. She urged them to continually test me. The doctors at the clinic did EEGs on my brain and constantly performed blood tests, and forced me to take multiple supplements and medications and perform exercises of creeping, crawling, and cross-pattern walking. She was basically experimenting on me like I was her guinea pig.
The irony is that at the same time she was professing to be concerned about my health and what I ate, she was also determined that I should be poisoned by household bleach. She insisted that I take bleach baths, demanded that I clean the bathroom with bleach a on a toothbrush, and made sure that the door was firmly closed at the time so I could breathe in the maximum volume of fumes.
My mother was not satisfied with the damage she had done in my childhood. She continues to do this today by trying to convince my family and friends that I am mentally defective when in truth all signs point to the fact that she is the problem. She even interceded in a custody dispute involving my own children. While in family court, she told lies on the stand to the judges and to child protective services. She made claims that I was on anti -depression medication and that I was in a car accident and that I had a mental break down as a result, falsely stated to CPS workers that I locked my children out of my house. She also stated to CPS that I was a danger to myself and others, made statements that I was going to kill myself, and stated that I broke into her house and stole money. She told my cousin I would soon be in prison for “25 years to life.”
Every single claim my Munchausen by proxy mother has made is 100 percent bogus, yet she has gotten away with telling these lies. She managed to persuade so many people and some of them were professionals. The problem is my mother’s lies, her fake stories, have been accepted as fact by many people and they don’t go away. No one wants to believe that a mother would lie about her own children. So, my mother has been riding on the wave of ordinary mothers who love and support their children while in fact she is the monster who eats her young.

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