A woman describes recurrent poisoning, relating it to MBP

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“The beginning of the nightmare began when I was just 18 yrs old, a Senior in High School, and dating my future husband.

My relationship with my boyfriend, at the time, was pure and innocent, and he invited me to his family member’s church, where his brother in law was the “Pastor.” I felt safe and secure in this relationship and I found that his family seemed kind, warm and nurturing.

Little did I realize that his eldest sister, who was married to the Christian pastor, was and is one of the worst serial MbP abusers…

Classic cases of “illness inductions” were surrounding her family members, and to take it further, she’d introduce “illnesses” into several of her church members through various forms of food, ice tea, or other toxic forms of “laying hands” on people all the while transferring via “transdermal” application of some type of topical poison.

This Factitious Illness Inducer had one SIDS baby who passed away “after a terrible fight with her husband,” another death of a severely malformed infant (whereby she was ‘sick’ constantly during her pregnancy) , a sister whose own first infant “died,” when the alleged MbP abuser “found him” blue and he was rushed to the hospital, only to pass away a few short days later. Unfortunately, I had NO IDEA that I was in the presence of a MbP abuser, or I would have never have married her brother.

Once, after I married nearly at 20-yrs of age, I developed a closer “relationship” with this perpetrator, only to find that she’d bring food or drinks to me, since I was finding that my own newly found out pregnancy was fraught with bizarre “illnesses” after I had been in her proximity. Again, I failed to connect the dots, and I was deceived into thinking that this person, who claimed to be a “Christian,” was actually “preying” upon not only myself, but my unborn child, my parents, and others within her domain of “control” and connection.

Even after my newborn was successfully delivered and healthy, during a visit at her sister’s home, she “heard him” crying, of which she likely had placed him between the wall and the twin bed, suspending him upside down and pushing the bed so hard against his forehead that he had developed a hematoma on his 6-week -old forehead. There was absolutely no way that my newborn could have gotten lodged between the bed and the wall…and she was the one “who alerted me” to hearing his cries…

The incidences increased over the years, and not until she attempted her last induction, at Christmas 2005, which nearly resulted in either permanent brain damage, death or my fighting through the toxic aftereffects of criminal poisoning, did it take me nearly 6 months of searching for a solution for my hair loss, my limited neuro-cognitive abilities, and my lack of memory did I discover that I was harmed with over 22 different types of heavy metals, poisons, bacteria and other forms of illness induction.

Now, nearly 17 years later, I have devoted my clinical and forensic psychology practice, my professional career and future law practice to helping others, including victims of crimes, trauma, and abuse, including those who’ve been harmed by a perpetrator who committed Medical “Child” Abuse, Factitious Illness Induced in Another, or as it has been commonly known as serial Munchausen by Proxy Abuse.

The information and lack of knowledge regarding this most lethal form of abuse is finally gaining media presence, and I am forever grateful for professionals like Dr Marc Feldman, MD and others who’ve helped those of us who’ve been harmed by a perpetrator of MbP. This most malevolent and lethal form of abuse needs to be better understood, and to those professionals, whether law enforcement, social services, lawyers, judges, medical professionals, teachers, psychologists or layperson, this type of crime needs to be methodically detected, uncovered, confronted, and prosecuted. Let the voices of MbP victimology now can gain attention, as this type of crime and abuse must be better understood.”

Thank you,
Survivor of A Poisoned Li(f)e


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