A podcast featuring an amazing father who fought for his son after finding that the child was a medical child abuse victim

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Munchausen by Internet: False COVID “Vaccine Injury”

All of the information in this story is based on statements shared publicly online. "Madeline" (not her real name) has maintained an active social media presence using a pseudonym that she had revealed to at least one family member.  She has claimed to be vaccine...

Advice for Therapists From a Medical Child Abuse Survivor

To well-meaning therapists, I was a victim of severe medical child abuse, but it has taken me over 20 years to even start to feel anger at my abuser (my mother). Obviously there are a lot of complexities to this kind of abuse and her being my mum, and also her being...

Thoughts from a Munchausen by Proxy survivor

I was raised by a mother with Munchausen’s, MBP, and narcissistic personality disorder. As an infant, she claimed I needed penicillin for “months” until I got anaphylaxis. Throughout my childhood, she had me at the pediatrician nonstop for pneumonia, and would force...

Life with a mother with severe, untreated Munchausen syndrome

My mother has been sick since before I was born, not, however, in the way she has always desired to be sick. Before her children came along, her cat had seizures. Then my older sister had seizures and my mother convinced the pediatrician to write an anti-seizure...